Friday, April 5, 2013

Call for contributors

Working on compiling a list of artists for issue #6. I have a few people who have already agreed to contribute +Alex Chiu (YAY!! thank you!!) and one or two others who I won't mention until I can confirm it. If you love to draw or make DIY comics, leave me a message or email me (threatnink (AT) gmail (DOT) com) and I will send you the submission guidelines! If you are interested in getting a back issue, email me as well. All are still available. I will post covers and a brief blurb about each issue soon.

If you are really into zines/mini comics, check out  I am on we make zines too!! You can see my page here I haven't updated my page in awhile, but it's a great place to meet zine folks and discover new zines!!

- Jethro

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  1. You should really try posting on !
    Great community of artists! :)